Sailing to the sea, "circle fan" Ankai F7 luxury CMB exported to Chile and China in bulk

Sailing to the sea, "circle fan" Ankai F7 luxury CMB exported to Chile and China in bulk

The roads in Chile are dominated by gravel roads and asphalt roads.

The vehicle chassis adopts the JAC reinforced special passenger car chassis and the structure of the less leaf spring suspension system, which makes the vehicle travel more reliable and smoother.

The frame is integrally stamped to form the closed structure of the curved longitudinal beam, and the skin and door are stamped, which has high precision and good smoothness.

Aiming at the characteristics of mountainous areas in northern Chile, the vehicle is equipped with automatic clearance adjustment and WABCO ABS to make driving safer.

Ankai F7 uses Weichai WP4.1Q140E50 engine, LC6T540B six-speed gearbox, strong power, smooth shifting, and good economy. The engine compartment is moved forward, and the seat layout is more spacious.

The 25+1 layout can reach 730mm between seats, which greatly improves the riding comfort; the engine compartment has multiple soundproofing treatments, and the upper and lower soundproof materials plus the soundproof carpets of the engine compartment make the car interior The noise is lower.

In view of the humid climate and high salinity in Chile, the whole vehicle adopts full immersion cathodic electrophoresis technology, and deepens high-quality anti-rust coating, uniform paint film, super salt spray, humidity and heat resistance, suitable for changing climate , Improve the anti-corrosion ability of the whole vehicle.

After many years of overseas market development, layout and deep cultivation, Ankai has become an important force in the global passenger transport industry in the new era.

It is committed to "creating the best Chinese bus" and continuously outputting high-quality and reliable bus products.

In the future, it will continue to work tirelessly. Use high-quality products and services to create value for users and let the world fall in love with Chinese buses!