Luxury tourist bus YUTONG ZK6122H

Luxury tourist bus YUTONG ZK6122H

YUTONG ZK6122 model special characteristic

Yutong ZK6122 model is a luxury tourist bus created by YUTONG bus company which is focused on consumption upgrade. They improve the space,

comfort, save fuel, maintenance service and operating stability.

The appearance is fashion atmosphere, looks luxurious and high grade. It also equip with WIFI inside, which is greatly improves the visitor experience.

Adopting best sound insulation and sound absorbing material, reduce the interior noise fully. Bring the feeling of comfort to the tourists.

The cab area inside use ergonomics, effectively lower the driver fatigue, increasing the comfort to driver and passengers.

ZK6122 Model export situation

In 2018, YUTONG ZK6122H won the 168 buses order from Uzbekistan. And already exported more than 300 buses to Uzbekistan in 2019. Latin America area also

one of the most important market to YUTONG bus. YUTING bus occupy high market share in Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay. Especially in Cuba,

YUTONG bus in local market share as much as 99.9%. In Uruguay about share 90% of all buses.

Among them, ZK6122H9 is the most mature model of 12m, which is design and update according oversea market.

YUTONG also refresh the record in Chinese two sessions this year. There is 279 yutong buses services for the meetings, accounting for more than 70% of the total.

We can see from that YUTONG brand already get fully recognized by the state. And ZK6122 also debut with high-end classic bus models.   

Professional ZK6122 model parts number for each spare parts

2803-02122 5302-09036 3820-02863 5302-07768 5302-07769 3735-00328 3731-00097 3818-00095 3704-00077 3774-00056  
3825-00009 3731-00283 4114-00094A 4116-00090B 4116-00091B 4121-00160B 4121-00161B 4112-00012 3715-00159A 4116-00079
9405-00932 9405-01674 PAHA-2201-01 3741-00039 5205-01860 2906-00440 2906-00451 2905-00396 3422-00575 3422-00577
3506-04879 3529-00019 3515-00042 3516-00007 3526-00079 3527-00042 9401-06459 5940-14237 5940-14236 5940-05243
3003-00780 3104-00237 3103-00709 3422-00575 3422-00577 5940-13350 5940-13351 5940-13349 9601-04000 9601-02